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My Quest

I didn’t come to my ultimate athletic goal - to be the first ever heart transplant recipient to complete the Kona Ironman - lightly. There is fear, anxiety, excitement, doubt, and confidence all stitched into one tapestry of emotions regarding this challenging journey. And I am acutely aware that this is no easy or small task.

But it is with your unquestioned support, and my own drive fueled by the courage that I see in my fellow patients - many staring down challenges far greater than my own past and future hurdles - that not only makes this a possibility, but will lead to its concluding reality. A reality that eluded me on October 10, 2009, three years to the day after I got the call that a donor heart had been found, when I missed the swim cutoff in Kona by a mere 8 seconds. But a reality that awaits for me on October 9, 2010, when my stronger, faster, and better athletic self takes a second crack at that most famous of courses along the coast of Hawaii's Big Island.

The journey to that finish line spot began more than 20 years ago when I was originally diagnosed with cancer as a high school senior. Surely there could be no greater exclamation point on my recovery and ultimate survival these last two decades than to complete this mountain of a challenge. And I can’t imagine there will be a greater sense of accomplishment than to hear these six words as I cross that famous finish line on Ali’i Drive: “Kyle Garlett, you are an Ironman.”

Before the swim - Lavaman
Why Ironman?

Why Ironman? Why Kona? Why do something so hard?

Well, because I can. Because I shouldn’t be able to. Because for so long I couldn’t. Because there are so many that I know who never will. Because the scars on my chest, hip, and shoulder tell my story. They tell the story of my heart donor - a man who exited this world far too early, but in death left behind the most precious gift imaginable.

Because I can now finally scale this mountain. Because however big and challenging it may be, summiting this peak is no longer impossible. It really is this simple: because now I can.

Athletic Accomplishments Since Heart Transplant

Swim gold
> September 16, 2007 - Malibu Triathlon (Finisher)

> April 6, 2008 - Lavaman Triathlon (Finisher)

> July 11-16, 2008 - U.S. Transplant Games
  • Gold medal in 100m Freestyle
  • Bronze medail in 200m Freestyle

> March 29, 2009 - Lavaman Triathlon (Finisher)

> July 19, 2009 - Vineman 70.3 (Half-Ironman)

> August 15, 2009 - Utah Half-Ironman (Finisher)

> October 10, 2009 - Ford Ironman World Championship

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