Heart of Iron
Heart of Iron: My Journey from Transplant Patient to Ironman Triatlete

At age eighteen, when his classmates were enjoying a carefree summer before senior year, Kyle Garlett was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. By the time he was thirty-five Kyle had soldiered through three more cancer diagnoses, a bone marrow transplant, a hip replacement, and a heart transplant. These incredible health challenges would have stopped a less determined man, but Kyle's devotion to survival and his ability to make the most of his chances kept him going.

Heart of Iron, he tells his amazing life story with clear-headed optimism and a winning sense of humor, from his first diagnosis of lymphoma as a teenager and through the years of chemotherapy that destroyed his joints and weakened his heart. After five and a half on the organ-transplant waiting list, Kyle received a new heart and embarked on a challenge of his own making: training for an Ironman Triathlon. When asked why he competed in not one, but two Ironmans, Kyle said simply, "Because I can."

Focusing on not only Kyle's health crises but also his career as a sportswriter and the amazing friends and family who supported him,
Heart of Iron is an invaluable companion for those affected by cancer and a breathtaking memoir about one man's unstoppable spirit and quest for success against all odds.

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What Were They Thinking
What Were They Thinking?: The Brainless Blunders That Changed Sports History

Like no other incidents in sports, a game-deciding coaching blunder or a botched trade made by the G.M. instills the belief in otherwise sedentary fans that knowledge gleaned from Sunday mornings in a sports bar and countless hours in a La-Z-Boy makes him eminently more qualified to lead his team to the title than the $5 million-a-year hacks getting paid for such jobs. And in
What Were They Thinking? the frequency and enormity of all said events finally comes to light.

What Were They Thinking? includes some of the most famous moments in sports history, like Bobby Thomson’s “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” (finally shedding light on the series of coaching errors that led to his pennant-winning home run), to the infamous sideline punch thrown by Ohio State’s Woody Hayes that forever soiled a great career, to the USSR’s puzzling goalie change at the 1980 Winter Olympics that set the stage for the USA’s “Miracle on Ice.”

And some of the most absurd sports stories – like the riot that broke out at Comiskey Park during Disco Demolition Night, resulting in a forfeit by the White Sox; the wife of Jeff Tarango slapping the chair umpire at Wimbledon, resulting in his ban from the tournament the following year; and the incredibly story of not one, but two different CFL teams in consecutive years drafting players that were deceased.

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The Worst Call Ever
The Worst Call Ever!: The Most Infamous Calls Ever Blown by Umpires, Referees, and other Blind Officials

Every sports fan has experienced the pain and agony of seeing their beloved team’s championship dreams derailed by the bumbling incompetence of a dimwitted referee.
The Worst Call Ever pays homage to those instances of athletic anguish by profiling the most egregious failures and fleecings ever perpetrated by referees, umpires, officials, and judges.

From the famous to the forgotten, and from ever major sport in the world - covering the last 100 years - there is something for fans of any and all sports, and the rabid and casual alike. In reading this book everyone will recognize moments, famous or personal, that they remember all to well. But they will also discover several unknown gems of documented deceit on the sports world’s biggest stages.

Each narrative also places the play in question within its historical context, examining the characters and stakes involved, the scope of injustice inflicted, and the path of change that was often its result.

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