Motivational Speaking

As a four-time cancer survivor and recent heart transplant recipient, I have been afforded a unique opportunity to inspire audiences with my story of survival against the odds. Along with being a national spokesperson for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and their Team In Training program, I’ve given dozens of keynote speeches and seminar addresses and had the unmatched privilege of sharing my struggles, my perspective, and the joy in which I attack life today with countless thousands.

I hope that my experiences will serve to encourage others to achieve, sacrifice, and live life joyfully filled with endless possibilities and purpose.

“Instead of living each day like it might be your last, savor every moment as if it's your first.”


Speaking at Lavaman
As a motivational speaker I try to inject humor into even the most difficult of topics. It’s okay to laugh about cancer. It’s all right to joke in the face of a heart transplant. In fact, the levity of these moments is necessary. It makes the mountains of life scalable. Along with laughing, my speeches help people to:

  • Tap into their inner fire
  • Seize the moment of success
  • Never give up the fight, no matter the odds
  • Seek the support and strength of others
  • Treat failure like a new beginning
  • Always keep at least one eye firmly fixed on what's good and beautiful

Extreme Makeover Wedding Edition 023
Inspiration for Millions

Along with being given the honor by Chevrolet to carry the Olympic torch before the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, in 2005 ABC-TV selected me and my wife (my fiancée at the time) to be the married couple on the prime-time nationally televised Extreme Makeover: Wedding Edition. Millions of viewers from across the country tuned in to watch the hour-long special that profiled my journey and its many hurdles, our relationship, and the spectacular wedding ceremony that closed the show.

Featured in the show was my bachelor party with Pro Bowl tight end Tony Gonzalez (then with my favorite team, the Kansas City Chiefs), a dance lesson for me with celebrity choreographer Cris Judd, a Rockefeller Center type skating rink set up by Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi (outdoors in Southern California in April), and an incredible wedding reception performance by the legendary Liza Minnelli.

"Kyle is an inspiration, simply an amazing man."- Cris Judd

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