The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric

The night before the 2009 Ironman The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric did a feature on me. did a wonderful story on me in August, two months before the Ironman.

The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal did a story on me leading into the Ironman, posted October 7, 2009.

The Associated Press
The AP did a story on me that ran in newspapers and on websites across the country, including The New York Times, USA Today, and
The 7 million readers of, the world's largest men's lifestyle website, saw the posting of this interview they did with me in October, 2009.

Outside Online
This interview with Outside Online, the online home for Outside magazine, was done just a few days before the Ironman. The link to the interview also appeared on NPR's website.

West Hawaii Today
An incredibly well-told race recap of the 2009 Ironman World Championship titled "The Heart of Ironman." Yes, the beginning is about me. But it goes beyond me, and really captures the spirit of the race. This is required reading for those of you wondering, "Why Ironman?"

The Competitors Radio Show
I was interviewed by Ironman legend Bob Babbitt on the radio show he does with Paul Huddle, a 3-time top-10 finisher at Kona.

Endurance Planet Podcast
Five months before competing in the Ironman I did this interview with I also blogged for them throughout my 2009 training.

The feature that KNBC's Chris Schauble, himself an Ironman finisher, did on me during NBC's run up to their 2009 Ironman broadcast.